Specialty consulting for all Aspects of your Lab Animal Program

  • Experts in U.S.D.A., O.L.A.W., A.A.A.L.A.C., and Cambridge ordinance regulations.
  • Assistance with all required paperwork and filings including Controlled substance permits, U.S.D.A., O.L.A.W., and Cambridge Ordinance.
  • Research, design and develop enrichment and social housing programs that minimize the impact on your research.

ARC Provides

Hands-On Training:

  • For Animal Care Staff,
  • Investigators, IACUCs

Facility Start-Up and Growth Consulting

  • From a conversation to operational
  • Facility location, planning, design for the modest budget
  • concept sketches
  • unique solutions tailored to needs

Operational Consulting

  • Short or long-term client-driven projects periodic over the site to ensure regulatory compliance, caging and vendor selection assistance
  • animal model consulting
  • AAALAC prep
  • renovating while operational
  • environmental enrichment

IACUC set up and coordination
Provide consulting veterinarians

Compassion Fatigue

Seminars are typically 90-120 minutes and are designed to raise awareness for and offer strategies to help increase resilience of the challenges brought on by laboratory research that includes animals.

Workshops are typically half-full day of training that includes CF awareness and experiential exercises for the individual and group to gain an introspective look at compassion fatigue and how to prevent or heal from it.